3025 Gloryview Road, Frisco, TX. 75034 . 214-872-3406

From Dallas, go north on Dallas Tollway (Dallas Parkway), past Frisco, two exits past Cotton Gin Road/Main Street of downtown Frisco. Next exit past Eldorado Parkway, take Panther Creek Parkway. Go west under the tollroad, to second light, Teel. Turn right on Teel and go until the pavement ends. (Approximately 1 mile, past two schools. Pavement ends just past second school on west side of road.) First turn-in on right, after pavement ends is my driveway.

Free route from Dallas, go north on Central (75), to Hwy 380, turn left toward Denton. Go 14.1 miles west on Hwy 380 to stop light, 423/Gee road. Turn left onto 423, go 1 mile and turn left onto gravel road, Panther Creek Road. Follow road around to first left (my driveway) before paved road.

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Located on 5 acres and surrounded by another 5,000 acres of undeveloped land.       This is my view each morning from the bedroom window. The pool was filled-in with dirt. :O(       My driveway. It is almost a half mile long. Cattle guard? I've learned they are pretty effective on shi shzu's as well.   In house gallery space.                      
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My new studio was a 2,000 sq. ft. horse barn. The horse stalls are still intack.                                            
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Newest addition to the family, Lilly and little Pippin makes our three girls.
Of course the old dame, Little Princess Lucy
We all enjoy the sunrise together
Our snake friend, about six feet long Climbing the tree looking for lunch This is how I was introduced to our snake pet You might think this is just a frog, but this little guy has come in the house at least three times. He likes to find blankets on the floor and snuggle in. Our rabbit who is bigger than Lucy and doesn't even acknowledge her. Of course, no house is a home without an armadillo. He is gathering grass for his nest under the house.   An unimpressed armadillo sticks his butt in my face as me and pups sit quietly watching. Pippin says, "Really?!" One early morning we had two skunks visit. A couple weeks earlier, they had left their scent by spraying Lilly in the middle of the night. The little guy never stopped looking at me... What an Opossum looks like when he's being harassed by two dogs. What he looks like when he's teasing the dogs.          
I placed a grate over the hole that all the critters are using to get into the backyard. Here, Pippin and the opossum are sniffing each other. (so to speak) He's a bit upset about the dirt in his face Pippin goes in for a closer look. On a cold February morning in 2011, a pack of 6 coyotes walked past.
turtle guest, May 12, 2011
Of course Pippin has to talk to the spider. Surprisingly he didn't seem to opposed he did swat at her a couple times. About 2 inches in lenght, but how bout thos legs? 5-25-2011 These baby skunks were born under the house outside my bedroom window, July 2011 The mom was a bit hassled as she took the little fellas out for a walk. She walked towards me and the dogs as we sat stunned watching. They tried to cross the cattle guard. It looked like a game of wacka-mo.